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About the Course

What is sound healing?

The use of sound as a tool for healing dates back thousands of years. Many ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have used sounds in the form of mantras, tuning forks, and crystal bowls. to restore balance in the body.

The principle of sound healing comes from the realization that all matter vibrates at a specific frequency including the cells, tissues, and organs in our bodies. Vibration in turn creates sounds. Thus, in a way, music is all around us and within us.

Your Instructor

Tryshe Dhevney

Tryshe Dhevney

Tryshe Dhevney is a Sound Energy Expert, Author, International Speaker and bestselling Sounds True Crystal Bowl Recording Artist.She is recognized as an authority in the field of harmonic and vocal sound healing. For over four decades, she has pioneered and refined her highly effective sound energy healing and toning technique called SoundShifting™ & Crystal Sound Energy™ Practitioner training program.

Tryshe’s method for whole body transformation inspires individuals to use their own voice to create well-being in their lives, and teaches simple techniques and attitudes that put health, wealth and wholeness within anyone’s grasp.

She is a repeat presenter offering prescriptive sound strategies with the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellows and medical students, as well as the lead sound practitioner at the world-renowned Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort in Tucson, AZ where she lives with her husband of 25 years.

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