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About the Course

What is intimate health?

Sexuality is a core part of the human experience, however many of us still view talking about sex as taboo. Access to medically accurate and fact-based sexuality information in a judgment-free space can help people learn, grow, and release shame around sexual functioning and behaviors.

Learning about ways to connect intimately, sensually, and sexually can add to the holistic experience that the Integrative Love Program aims to bring to couples. Sharing in a safe place with a trained sexual/intimate health professional can add to the pleasure, communication, and closeness in intimate partnerships.

Your Instructor

Amanda Morgan

Amanda Morgan

Dr. Amanda Morgan specializes in sexuality education, sexual health, and intimate wellness. Since 2010, Dr. Amanda has been working with various populations around topics related to pleasure, sexual communication, sexual health, and self-love. With a Ph.D. in Public Health from UNLV, her research focused on sexuality, behaviors, and factors related to aging.

During her Master’s in Public Health and Doctorate in Human Sexuality, she researched sexuality products, like sex toys, and their safety implications. She has done sexuality education internationally, presented at conferences, and has been featured on many media outlets, including Showtime, Glamour, Business Insider, and KNPR. When she is not teaching at the UNLV School of Public Health, she loves to work within the community to provide judgment-free sexuality classes for adults who want to find better ways to communicate and increase the pleasure in their lives.

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