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Nutritional Assessments

What Are Nutritional Assessments, and How Can They Help You?

Whether you are struggling with your weight or dealing with a health condition, nutritional assessments can help your doctor get a clear picture of your overall health to help you make improvements. This practice involves taking measurements and collecting information about your medical history, any clinical or biochemical characteristics, your current diet, any treatments you are currently using, and more. Everything you eat and your lifestyle play an important role in your health. In order to achieve optimal nutrition status, professional nutritional assessments are recommended. In addition to this assessment, you should receive a supplements consultation. Once your assessment is complete, your doctor will recommend a variety of dietary supplements that may be beneficial to you during your healing journey.

When you reach optimal nutrition status, you may notice a wide variety of positive changes. Weight loss, stronger muscles, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and pain relief are just some of the benefits you may experience. Using a combination of nutritional assessments and supplements consultation may help you achieve much healthier body weight, fight off infections, and experience faster recovery times after an injury or illness. The right assessment can give you a clear insight into where you need to make lifestyle changes. With a new diet and the right supplements, you can start to live your life in a healthy, positive way.

Using nutritional assessments as part of your wellness plan will prevent a variety of issues like longer hospital stays, slow recovery from infections, and immune system issues. Once you know how to utilize and digest healthy nutrients efficiently, you’ll begin to notice a major improvement in your physical and mental health. This important assessment can be life-changing for many patients. If you’d like to learn more or want to schedule a consultation, please contact me today or book an appointment online.

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