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Mind-Body Medicine

How Mind-Body Medicine Can Improve Your Health

When it comes to your physical health and brain health, these two things are undoubtedly connected. The concept of mind-body medicine uses the idea that your thoughts and emotions can also affect your physical health and well-being. When you change your mindset and adopt a positive outlook, your body’s natural healing forces are awakened. The idea of mind-body medicine is an ancient healing practice that comes from roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Both of these practices believe that the body and mind are interlinked. Today’s Western medicine does not emphasize this important connection, but it’s a vital part of maintaining proper brain health as well as a healthy body. With a renewed interest in things like yoga, meditation, and holistic health, mind-body medicine is slowly becoming more accepted here in the Western world.

The key to ensuring that his process works for you is to learn how to train your mind to focus on the body. You will develop a state of focused concentration, which can help to improve your health in the process. There are several different techniques used in this form of medicine, and they’re all tailored to your specific individual needs. For example, biofeedback can be used to help control specific bodily processes that happen involuntarily, such as blood pressure levels or heart rate. You’ll monitor your body to get “feedback,” which can help you develop a stronger mindset in order to see improvement. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is another common practice. This involves helping patients learn how to recognize and then change negative or harmful thoughts. A combination of CBT and relaxation techniques can help patients reach great strides in both their physical and brain health. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me today.

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